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God Himself is pointing the world to “The Empty Cross” at The Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden in Kerrville, Texas, halfway between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans at the same latitude as ISRAEL.  The Annular Eclipse (10/14/23) and the Total Eclipse (4/8/24) forever point to Jesus Christ!

TCKF Eclipse Graphic
Apollo Astronaut Jack Lousma

” I have been around a longtime.  In my life I have witnessed things few humans ever see.  I can tell you that the intersection of the two rare solar eclipses, right over the top of “The Empty Cross” sculpture in Kerrville is no accident!  There is a God! He created the universe, yet cared enough to send His Son, Jesus Christ to die on a cross tow thousand years ago for the sins of mankind.  All who call on His name will be saved!”

USMC Col. Jack Lousma (Kerrville resident) Apollo Astronaut Skylab/Space Shuttle Captain Astronaut Hall of Fame Member

Gates Open at 7am

We are NOT charging an entrance fee; however, this garden is solely donor operated. Please consider leaving a donation at any of our 7 maroon donation boxes and we will send you a tax-deduction receipt for those who leave us your contact info.

Starts: 12:23pm || Totality: 1:42pm

Get T-Shirts & Solar Glasses

Couple wearing TCKF Eclipse T-shirts

“The Coming King” solar eclipse limited edition T-Shirts are available for a $25 donation while supplies last and The “Coming King” limited edition solar eclipse glasses are available for a $3.00 donation while supplies last. They are available now at the Office during the week.   Buy Online or Call: (830) 928-7774.  Your tax-deductible donations keep this nonprofit art park free to the public!

Getting Here

Pets are normally welcome in the garden; however, please be advised that it will be extremely crowded for both eclipse events and water and other resources may be limited. 

We will have extra porta potties available for both eclipse events and they are planned to be emptied half way through the day. However, we cannot guarantee how quickly they may fill up. If possible make a pit stop before arrival to the garden. 

We hope to have 3-4 food trucks on the Garden premises however we cannot guarantee it at this time. Please plan to bring food and water for yourselves. Alcohol is not permitted on the Garden property. It is possible that digital payments will be down due to an overloaded cell network.  

Weather changes very quickly in Texas. Fall or Spring days can either be hot or cold from one day to the next. Make sure to check the weather before you leave. Be advised It is often windy on top of the mountain.

Be aware that emergency services may be limited due to traffic in town and on the interstate. We will have security on site.

  • We are not able to guarantee a spot for you.
  • For instances where our sculptures or the cross are featured in your photographs, we kindly request you to share your images by emailing them to us at We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to showcase them on our social media platforms, providing due credit to your contribution.
  • All artwork within our collection is subject to copyright protection. Photographs containing sculptures are strictly prohibited from being sold without prior authorization. Please refer to the posted signage within the garden or online  for detailed information regarding copyright agreements.
Gates open at 7am.  Additional parking lots have opened just in time for this event!  Note that they are down the hill. The City of Kerrville is expecting 150,000 people for the April eclipse. Parking in the garden is space permitting. Please plan on arriving at least 4 hours prior to the eclipse if you plan to park here.   Due to unpredictable traffic patterns, exiting the garden could take an extended amount of time.
  • Saxophone worship artist John Reed Austin will be here for Friday – Monday,
  • Astronomers with telescopes will be here to give Biblical and Scientific details,
  • Talk with Max Greiner the Founder of the Garden.

Gates open at 7am. Parking will be limited to first come first serve. Handicap parking will not be available during the eclipse events. You will be able to drop off handicap individuals at the drop off area but then you will have to find parking elsewhere.  Be prepared to walk long distances, just in case. Make sure to check our FAQs for particular questions and check google maps if you want to see an aerial view.

Dues to congestion and limited parking, Rv’s & Busses will not be allowed in the garden on Sunday April 7 or Monday April 8.

Please come with a full tank of gas.  If you are driving in from outside of Kerrville, it is HIGHLY advised you purchase gas before arriving in town. There will be long lines to get into Kerrville and out of Kerrville. Gas availability in town will be limited. 

What Can I Expect Day Of?

Why did an "Annualar Solar Eclipse" (10/14/23) and a "Total Solar Eclipse" (4/8/24) intersect over Kerrville, Texas?

God marked this spot because His treasure is here, halfway between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, on IH-10, at the same latitude as ISRAEL. This is the only place on earth were a 77’7″ Cor-ten steel sculpture, “The Empty Cross” exists.  It is the most symbolic cross in the world and was erected at The Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden on 7/27/10. The free, 24.5 acre park ranks in the top 10% of tourist attractions worldwide, according to TRIPADVISOR.  $3,000,000 word of art honors God here.

Why did over a million people from over 100 countries travel to this garden before the solar eclipse?

It is a type of last days tabernacle, a portal into the spiritual realm, where the power and presence of God manifests daily; where miracles, signs and wonders are commonplace.

Is it true signs in the heavens predict events on earth?

Yes, God uses the cosmos to communicate to humanity and foreshadow the return of the Jewish Messiah, Jesus Christ.

What do these signs mean at this time in history?

They point to the end of time and the return of Yeshua, Jesus the Messiah who will appear in the sky as a warrior on a white stallion, to judge all who have rejected Him.

Starts: 10:23am || Totality: 11:54am

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