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American Flags – Six beautiful patriotic flags were installed at the front entrance wall of the garden. A 7th flag will be installed when the front wall is finished.

“Jordan River Crossing” Water Feature – A unique visual metaphor has been created for visitors when they enter the “Promised Land” from the “world”. Guests will drive over the dry riverbed of the Jordan River featuring round smooth rocks.  On the rightside, tourists will see water stacked up to symbolize the flooded river that was stopped by the hand of God so Joshua and the Israeli people could enter the land God had given them (Joshua 4:1).

Entrance Patios – Some of the entrance patios around the “Jordan River Crossing” have now been finished, which provide access to the “Twelve Stones Monument”. This stack of large river rocks honors the first twelve donors who made entering the garden possible for guests.

Entrance Pavers – New custom Pavers (donated by garden supporters) have been installed at the front entrance in the surrounding patios. More are planned are planned as funds are received.

“Lion Of Judah” Sculpture Stone Base – The limestone base of the new Ten Commandments monument at the top of the hill was completed and donated by Edmund Jenschke Inc.

“Lion Of Judah” Bronze Statue – The life-size (105%) bronze sculpture created by TCKF President and artist Max Greiner, Jr. is scheduled to be installed in October of 2019.  The Greiners donated the “AC” (Artist Copy) bronze casting to TCKF.

Prayer Benches – New Prayer Benches have been installed honoring different people and organizations. The Benches were donated for gifts of $777 to help build the garden.

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