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About The Coming King Foundation

The Coming King Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)3 Texas corporation, was established to develop Sculpture Prayer Gardens across the USA.

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The Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden, in Kerrville, TX,  has become famous for its miracles, signs and wonders. We have hundreds of thousands of “pilgrims” who travel to this free spiritual art park from every state and from approximately one hundred countries drawn by the power and presence of God. This Garden is a “type” of last days Tabernacle (Isaiah 2:2, Amos 9:11 & Micah 4:1). Genuine supernatural miracles occur daily as thousands of people seek the God of the Bible. The Coming King, Jesus Christ, also known as Yeshua, the Messiah of the Jews and The Lion of Judah, is on the 1,930’ mountain 365 days a year!

Literally thousands of people have been born-again at the foot of “The Empty Cross.” Thousands more have been baptized in the “Living Water Fountain” and baptized in the Holy Spirit inside the cross. By the love of God, many souls have been delivered from abuse, shame, guilt, pain, homosexuality, and demonization. Physical and emotional healings occur frequently when people pray the four prayers posted inside the 77’ 7” Cor-ten steel open cross.

To my knowledge, at least 50 people have canceled their plans for suicide while on the Garden property. Doctors and counselors frequently direct their patients to the non-denominational, Christian healing garden.

We invite you to explore our websites and find out more about Jesus Christ, the Living Son of God.

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