Open 365 Days a Year 7:00 AM until Midnight

Yes, definitely, we simply ask that you keep them on a leash, pick up after them if needed and respect other guests.

Yes, you can but keep in mind any photography for commercial use will require written permission from the artists.


If you would like to see and experience all of the 24.5 acre garden, please allow about 30 minutes to see the first five sculptures at the front entrance, which is named “THE JORDAN RIVER CROSSING.”

Then, allow at least 15 minutes to see the massive new “LION OF JUDAH” bronze sculpture, as you reach the top of the hill.

Finally, allow at least an hour to see the seven sculptures on top of the hill all given by all three donor artist families. You will also want to allow time to experience the magnificent, 77’7” Cor-ten steel sculpture, “THE EMPTY CROSS” with is at the end of the 300’ cross-shaped garden.

As you are about to leave the garden property, you may want to stop at the new, DONOR ARTISTS GALLERY & GIFT SHOP, located in the “Outer Court” at the bottom of the hill. This unique store features the small and large artwork of the three donor artists: Beverly Paddleford, David Broussard and Max Greiner, Jr.

So, we recommend that you spend at least two to three hours at God’s garden! Many visitors stay much longer to meditate, pray and worship God. One man from Arizona spotted the cross from the highway and stayed 42 days, because the presence of God was so strong!