Build Your Own

Build Your Own Garden

The Coming King Foundation (TCKF) was created in 2004 to operate the prototype garden in Kerrville, TX and to encourage the development of other identical Sculpture Prayer Gardens around the world, to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ. TCKF may also assist others in creating their own gardens, if they are based on the unique prophetic vision given to artist, architect, evangelist, Max Greiner, Jr. in 2002. Those gardens which remain true to the original evangelistic vision may be designated a “Covenant Certified Garden”, and receive free support and worldwide publicity from TCKF and Max Greiner, Jr. Designs.

These TCKF soul winning gardens can be located on either secular are religious properties. The gardens can be placed on the grounds of churches, Christian colleges, seminaries and ministries. In addition, private individuals, developers and companies can build these Sculpture Prayer Gardens as a commercial venture.

The existence of a “Covenant Certified Garden” at any location could dramatically increase the value of the surrounding land for commercial development, because of the visitor traffic that could be generated by the free tourist attraction.

Multiple one acre “pad sites” near or adjacent to garden property can be leased or sold to fund the garden construction. (In 2017, one acre commercial pad sites for franchise restaurants in the USA sold for between one and two million dollars each.)

Ideal locations include rural properties on interstate highways, with good access and visibility.

Note: All copyrights and trademarks related to the artwork and designs found in The Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden in Kerrville, TX are owned by TCKF founder and donor, Max Greiner, Jr. Other donor artists own the copyrights to their artwork. TCKF does not own any copyrights or trademarks. All artwork must be acquired from the individual artists, not TCKF. Each artist has a large selection of Christ-honoring sculptures in various sizes and compositions. The placement of five Greiner monumental Christian sculptures, inside the 300’ cross-shape garden, is required for a “Covenant Garden Certification.”

For more information on building your own “Covenant Certified Garden” please review the TCKF websites and these summary documents:

Original Vision of The Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden

Required Elements of a “Covenant Certified Garden”