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Continuous Worship Music Surrounds “The Empty Cross” ™

After King David had the sacred (Ark Of The Covenant) chest moved to Jerusalem, he appointed musicians from the Levi tribe to be in charge of the music at the place of worship. 1 CHRONICLES 6:31

Two days before the opening of the entrance of THE COMING KING SCULPTURE PRAYER GARDEN on July 19, 2012, evangelist Bobby Dendy was driving east on IH-10. The Holy Spirit told him to stop at the unfinished garden and walk up to the cross, since the new front entrance was blocked by barriers. God told Bobby to provide 24/7 praise and worship music around the cross.

After receiving permission from TCKF, Bobby called his Prayer Intercessors in Arizona, Kathy Carter, Ron, and Denise Knochel, telling them that God was doing something amazing in Kerrville. The three friends dropped everything and drove all night to march across a symbolic Jordan River with 144 Christians who entered the Promised Land with shofars, banners, and clergy leading. Constant worship music was established that day. After praying and worshipping at this location for 40 days and 40 nights, Dendy left after donating his music and music equipment so nonstop worship music would surround this cross forever.

Continuous praise music on this holy ground was donated by worship evangelist, Bobby Dendy of Phoenix, AZ

For more information on Bobby Dendy’s music and ministry visit his web page.

New Song by David Broussard

TCKF friend, and Prayer Intercessor, David Broussard wrote and performed, after he watched the CBN Dedication video of the #1 life-size lion bronze casting in Jerusalem.  David is the sculptor who donated, with wife Michelle, his two powerful sculptures, “It Is Finished” and “One Nation Under God” to the garden.) Learn more about their art ministry, at: 

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