Our Team

Board of Trustees and Staff (2022-2023)

Coming King Foundation Trustees22

Front Row
Lynette Waldrep
Esther Baker
Ernest Taylor
Sherry Greiner (Founder)
Max Greiner (Founder/Chairman)
Susan Casey (Vice-President)

Back Row
Roy Waldrep
Ray Lang
Weldon Baker (President/Treasurer) 
Fred Schremp (Executive Committee)
Beth Schremp
Chris Seifert 
Stockton Williams
Hershel Reid (Executive Committee)

Staff pic

Lis Polk
Debbye Meszaros
Roslyn Bell
Buddy Bell

(Not Pictured)
Benjamin Tapia

On May 6, 2004, The Coming King Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)3 Texas corporation, was established to develop Sculpture Prayer Gardens across the USA.[/p]In an age of deception and misuse of funds, we are completely transparent. The Coming King Foundation financial records are completely open to examination, because we are accountable to God, the Body of Christ and the IRS. No Foundation Officers or Board of Trustees receive any financial compensation with regards to building of these Gardens.