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Project History

NOTE: The following information is factual, though it reads like fiction. It is evidence that the Holy Spirit of God really is the author of this evangelical Garden “vision.” It is not the idea of any man. The events recounted here have been verified, documented, and are only a small fraction of the supernatural miracles that have already occurred, related to the Garden.

This is the true story of how God commissioned an artist/designer/evangelist to pioneer a new form of evangelism, referred to by some as “Eye Gate Evangelism.” Max Greiner, Jr. was given a “vision” by the Holy Spirit to build beautiful Sculpture Prayer Gardens along major highways of the world, to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ. These free, non-denominational, spiritual “Tabernacles” would present the Gospel in multiple languages to millions of “un-churched” visitors, as they quietly view monumental, Christ-honoring sculptures in a garden park setting.

Click here to see a PDF TIMELINE of the Garden “VISION.”

The Vision

Then, eight months later, on August 22, 2002, another total stranger emailed the artist to say that God wanted Greiner to create a giant, 77’7” cross on Interstate 10, so people would come to Jesus. The stranger named Marlon Quibodeaux of Beaumont, Texas, later drove eight hours to the artist’s studio to discuss his prophetic message in person and pray with the artist. It was Yom Kippur, September 22, 2002.

Mario Quibodeaux Prophesy Image

During the artist’s prayers, prior to this meeting, Greiner asked the Lord if this project was from Him. To his amazement, God surprised Max with an “open vision” of a new empty or hollow cross sculpture design. At the same time, Greiner saw a 100 yard long, cross-shaped garden, featuring his four existing monumental Christian sculptures, plus the new giant cross design at the end of the garden! In the “vision,” the artist saw cars turning off the highway, into a beautiful garden park and reading the Gospel in their own languages, as they casually viewed monumental Christ-honoring sculptures!


The Call

On December 9, 2001, the artist and his wife, Sherry, were visiting a Cathedral of Praise church in Austin, Texas, when the guest speaker, evangelist Mahesh Chavda stopped in the middle of his sermon, turned toward the couple, and asked them to stand. The traveling preacher from North Carolina then spoke a personal prophecy over the Greiners, in front of hundreds of witnesses, to the surprise of everyone. Chavda said in part:

“The Tabernacle…your work, what you are doing, these are some of the ornaments. In the spirit realm, I saw the things you are doing are part of the restoration process. You will be involved in the restoration of the Tabernacle!”  as in Isaiah 2:2 & Amos 9:11

The Land Seen

The Holy Spirit would not let the artist forget the evangelistic “vision” given to him. The following months and years were filled with dozens of other “words” and miracles further confirming the “last days” Tabernacle prophecy and subsequent Garden “vision.” Max and others recognized that God had gifted and prepared him for this destiny.

These “words” and miracles included the Holy Spirit actually showing the artist, on December 11, 2003, at 3:30 PM, the exact piece of property that would be given to him for the first Garden, as God said, “Look up, this is the land i will give you.” The 23 acres of prime real estate, worth millions of dollars today, faces Interstate 10 near the main entrance of Kerrville, Texas. Just as the Holy Spirit promised, the valuable property was later given to the artist through an amazing series of miracles that occurred on September 17, 2005.

Kerrville Gateway Zone
Greiners & Paddlefords at Foundry image

The Empty Cross Donated

Max & Sherry Greiner and Dave & Beverly Paddleford donate “The Empty Cross”™ to the Garden.

The Land Reserved by God

God had indeed set aside the ideal property, which looks just like the Biblical Holy Land, for His Garden Tabernacle. The site is “high and lifted up”, 1,900’ above sea level, halfway between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans on Interstate 10, at the same exact latitude of Israel!

Back in 1984, the Holy Spirit caused a man named Clifford Reeh to purchase the 23 acres of property for investment. However, for a reason unknown to Reeh, God would not let him place it on the market. The property never once had a “For Sale ” sign on it in 20 years!


The Reeh's Image

God had a special purpose for this piece of land. Not only was the owner of the property a Christian, but he also was one of Max’s art collectors! Fourteen years earlier, in December of 1990, Reeh purchased a bronze sculpture for $1,500 from Greiner’s art gallery! The small signed and numbered sculpture featured Jesus washing Peter’s feet. “Divine Servant”® was the artist’s first Christian sculpture.

The Battle Began

However, in December of 2003, Clifford refused to answer the artist’s letters or phone calls regarding his property and Greiner’s unusual evangelical “vision”. Eventually, April, 24, 2004, Clifford and his wife, Dorothy, met with the artist. After praying, they decided to donate their land for God’s Garden, while retaining 1.58 acres for themselves. However, when Clifford’s adult sons learned of the agreement, they objected. Therefore, the family backed out of the original contract and set a price of $500,000 on the undeveloped land.

On February 23, 2005, Clifford Reeh apologetically told Greiner the bad news. After their meeting, later at 7:00 PM that that same evening, Max wrote out in pencil the price of the land, the acreage, and the price per acre, along with comparable prices of other nearby tracts on the market. While sitting at his kitchen table, Max asked God if the foundation should make a counteroffer on the land, or just “believe” God for the entire $500,000.

As the artist said this prayer, a piece of sparkling “Shekinah Glory” dust, the size of glitter, instantly formed “out of thin air” on his paper, as he watched! The golden particle was right over the top of where Max had just written $500,000!

Realizing this was a sign from God, The Coming King Foundation, tried to raise the money to purchase the land at this price. However, they fell short about $250,000, despite generous donations from several Christians and a major financial gift from the Greiners. The foundation Trustees had previously voted not to borrow money, or use professional fundraisers to fund the Garden’s construction. They were going to trust God. Either God was going to do it, or it would not be done!

Original Trustees of TCKF Image

Foundation Formed

The Coming King Foundation was formed May 6, 2004, as a non-profit501c3 art museum with seven founding Trustees: Max & Sherry Greiner, Rebecca Jons, Jack Rothenflue, David Danielson, Nancy & Randy Scroggins

Parting of the Sea

On September 17, 2005, with time running out on the real estate contract, twenty-two Christians gathered on the top of the Reeh property to pray and “speak” God’s will into existence. They anointed a small 17” cross made from the cedar limbs, cut from the property. 

Max stabbed the wooden cross into the ground, close to the spot where the future 77’7” cross would be someday. At that exact instant, as Max prayed and claimed the ground for God’s glory, a large, 3” scorpion appeared from nowhere and charged the cross with its tail up! Max’s wife, Sherry, crushed the scorpion under her foot.

Suddenly, someone yelled out for everyone to look up into the sky above them, as it began to fill with wild, Northern Harrier hawks! Everyone marveled at the sight, not missing the Biblical symbolism of the scorpion, representing Satan and his demons, and the hawks representing God and His angels.

Unknown to everyone at the time, one person in the group came that afternoon to tell Max he could not donate any money to the project. However, when Max and the group prayed for the “government of God” to be established on that mountain, after crushing the scorpion, the man silently prayed for God to give him a “sign,” if he was to donate $500,000 for the land.

The “sign” he asked for was to see a wild hawk in the sky when he opened his eyes from praying! Instead of one hawk, the man saw more than nine Northern Harrier wild hawks floating over his head! This dramatic miracle was witnessed by everyone and even videotaped!

Original Intercessors for the Garden Image
Symbolic Cross attached by Scorpion Image
Fleece of Hawks Image
Reid & Greiner Image
November 2005

The next morning this man of God named Hershel Reid, invited Max out to his ranch. He told the artist about how the Holy Spirit answered his “fleece.” Then, Hershel promised Max that he would purchase the land and give it to the non-profit foundation, so the Garden could be built on that site. Hershel kept his promise and gave the 23 acres of land worth millions today, to The Coming King Foundation! Indeed, God had created, preserved, and provided the beautiful Hill Country property for His Garden Tabernacle!

Ground Broken

December 13, 2005, Contractor, Basil McKay, starts work on the Garden, but is stopped by neighbors opposed to the Cross & Garden.

May 5, 2006,  Resistance from atheists and others ignited after a positive newspaper article on the Garden by the Kerrville Daily Times.

Many other incredible miracles have occurred since. These have included Mr. McKay reporting that snakes are leaving the land on June 22, 2006;  shortly after prayers were said claiming souls for God’s Kingdom.   This miracle was quickly followed by the appearance of a pure white dove that descended right in front of the shocked heavy equipment operators on June 30, 2006! After 20 minutes, the lone dove walked toward the center of the Garden!

Basil McKay at the Garden Image
November 2005
Angel Orbs at the Garden image


Many park visitors have experienced the presence of God on the property, even before the sculptures or scriptures were placed. Some people leave the Garden property profoundly touched by God, many in tears. Salvations and Baptisms have already occurred on the site and the Garden is not even open yet!

Since Hanukkah on December 4, 2007, when 25 believers prayed at sundown, many people have been photographing strange round spheres of light at the future sculpture park! It is believed these are types of angels described thousands of years ago by the Jewish prophet Ezekiel (Ez 1:15 -22). These Angelic Orbs can be photographed by anyone with a film or digital camera if “flash” is used!

Indeed, something very special is happening at The Coming King Sculpture® Prayer Garden in Kerrville, Texas.

Dr. James Dobson prays at the Garden, April 03, 2008

December 8, 2008, a lawsuit was filed by opponents to stop the cross from being erected on its $100,000 concrete foundation.

October 30, 2009; The Cross is transported to the Garden, but must remain on the ground due to the 15 month lawsuit’s Restraining Order.

Lawsuit Victory

March 1, 2010; Victory in the lawsuit that attempted to stop the 77’7″ $2,000,000 cross from being raised in the Garden.

Dr. James Dobson supports TCKF Image
Centennial Plate Image

Centennial Plate

July 20-21, 2010 The Kerrville’s 1956 “Centennial Plate” is discovered, which depicts a giant hollow cross on a hill overlooking Kerrville. The drawing was made long before the Garden was prophesied.

"The Empty Cross"™ Raised

July 27, 2010
The 77’7″ Cross sculpture is erected by volunteers. Hundreds of people watch.

Other dramatic miracles have happened including the manifestation of the golden Shekinah Glory dust (Ex 34:29 & Isa 60:1), which formed on the hands, faces, and clothing of dozens of visitors to the Garden construction site. Angel orbs appear over worshippers on the same day.

August 16, 2010; Cross foundation is finished.

TEC Raising
Shekinah Glory dust at TCKF Image
Sunrise at The Empty Cross, Kerrville

The Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden Opened

Public access to the cross opens with the first Easter Sunrise service.

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