Application & Forms


  1. AOTC– Join AMBASSADORS OF THE CROSS, the membership division of TCKF.
  2. PAVERS/PRAYER BENCHES – Fill out a “Paver” or “Prayer Bench” Order Form to create your own permanent memorial at the Garden.
  3. EVENTS – Host your own “Sanctioned Event” at the Garden.
  4. TOURS – Schedule an official tour of the garden with a TCKF Tour Guide. 
  5. REPORTS – File a “Fruit Report” and “Visitor Count Report” to document Holy Spirit activity at the Garden.
  6. VOLUNTEERS – Become a temporary or permanent volunteer to serve God at the Garden.
  7. TOUR GUIDE CHAPLAIN APPLICATION – Become a TCKF Authorized “Chaplain” or “Certified Tour Guide”
  8. VENDOR-ARTIST APPLICATION FOR SPECIAL EVENTS – Become an Authorized Vendor at the Garden.
  9. ARTISTS– Donations of monumental Christian sculptures will be considered for display at the Garden.
  10. MOTELS – Participating motel that will provide a 10% to 40% “Friend Of The Cross” discount.
  11. RESTAURANTS – Participating restaurant that will provide a 10% to 40% “Friend Of The Cross” discount.
  12. “NEED HELP” – Service Organization Application
  13. PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS PERMISSION APPLICATION – For those who wish to photograph any part of the Garden
  14. BAPTISM AT THE CROSS APPLICATION – For those who wish to be baptized at the Garden
  15. WATER BAPTISM CERTIFICATE -Certificate of Christian Water Baptism (with decorative border)

    WATER BAPTISM CERTIFICATE -(without decorative border)

  16. TCKF SALVATION CERTIFICATE – Certificate of Christian Salvation (with decorative border)

    TCKF SALVATION CERTIFICATE -(without decorative border)

  17. TCKF EMPOWERMENT CERTIFICATE – Certificate of Christian Empowerment Baptism (with decorative border)

    TCKF EMPOWERMENT CERTIFICATE – (without decorative border)