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New Board for 2024-2025

TCKF Press Release

BREAKING NEWS:  After 20 years of serving as the president of The Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden, Max Greiner Jr. is taking a “back seat” role in the foundation that he established in 2004.  Max and his wife Sherry have served the board for two decades.  In Max’s words, “It’s time, while I am still alive, to train up a new president to take the helm in order to keep the ship going in the right direction well after I have transitioned to glory.”  He and Sherry will still be trustees and have a vote on all of the major decisions.  Their official title will be Founders of TCKF with Max continuing to serve as Chairman of the Board and advisor to the newly-elected president, Pastor Fred Schremp.

Pastor Fred says, “Several years ago I was given a word, ‘Do not neglect the invitation, and do not neglect to invite.’  Beth and I were invited to serve the Lord as chaplains at The Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden seven years ago.  We invited people to come to the Garden.  We asked to serve as trustees on the TCKF Board and continued inviting people.  Next, I was invited to serve as the tour guide “Fire Marshal” and their head chaplain.  With Max’s invitation and the board’s approval, I will now serve as TCKF President.  My invitation is still, ‘Come and experience the Lord in His Garden.’  Jesus is inviting everyone to come to Him.  Please do not neglect the invitation or neglect to invite others.”

Ret. Col. Bobby Woods, one of the newest trustees, has been elected by the TCKF Board as its new Vice President.  Since the Lord touched his heart here, he has made a commitment to serve the Lord here in leadership and wherever needed until Jesus returns in the sky!  He retired from the Air Force as the National Director of HQ AF JROTC in 2017 and now teaches at Tivy High School in Kerrville, TX.

Pastor Ernest Taylor was re-elected as Financial Officer.  Pastor Ernest donated his time, and continues to use his time, as a builder and welder in the Garden since the Cross first went up in 2010.  He was the welder who was brave enough to weld the Cross at the very top!

Mrs. Chris Seifert will continue to serve as TCKF’s Secretary.  She has also used her talents as a Master Gardener and serves as the head of the team of volunteers that keep the Garden so beautiful all year around.

The NEW 2024 – 2025 Trustee Board consist of 13 trustees.  They are as follows:  TCKF President, Pastor Fred Schremp; Vice-President, Ret. Col. Bobby Woods; Treasurer, Pastor Ernest Taylor; Secretary, Chris Seifert; and Trustees Bob Carey, Jesse Castaneda, Sherry Greiner, Max Greiner Jr., Joshua Rodriguez, Beth Schremp, Pastor Lynette Waldrep, and Pastor Roy Waldrep.

Jesse Castaneda, also a new TCKF Trustee, is not new to the Garden. He has served as a Tour Guide/Chaplin since May of 2019.  He has a heart for evangelism and loves to share his testimony to bring hungry souls into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Debbye Meszaros continues to serve as the Executive Director to the board and is a paid employee along with the TCKF Staff: Jan and Bobby Mayfield, Kimberly Tripp, Benjamin Tapia and Lisa Polk.

The Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden, here in our own beautiful Hill Country, is listed by Trip Advisor in the top 10% of tourist attractions in the world!  The mission of TCKF is to “establish free Sculpture Prayer Gardens across the world to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ.”  Each year thousands of visitors come to Kerrville to experience this FREE, 501c3 outdoor art garden that is open 365 days a year from 7am to 12 midnight.  Come and see for yourselves all that is happening right here at The Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden located in the Texas Hill Country at 520 Benson Drive in Kerrville, TX.  More information can be found on the website at:

2024-2025 TCKF Board

Front row: Jesse Castaneda, Joshua Rodriguez, Sherry Greiner, Max Greiner, Lynette Waldrep

Back row: Bobby Woods, Fred Schremp, Beth Schremp, Roy Waldrep, Ernest Taylor, Susan Casey, Chris Seifert, Debbye Meszaros 

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