The Coming King Foundation



On Saturday, April 4, 2015, an all day “RESURRECTION CELEBRATION” will begin at 9:00 AM. and end at 6:00 PM.  LIVE Christian music in all styles will be performed by local and national talent. Music will be presented by Sony Recording Artist, Lenny Holmes and Warner Brothers Recording Artist, Raymone Carter, both from Richmond, VA. Local talent will include the Impact Christian Fellowship Worship Team, the Trinity Baptist Church Choir, Zion Lutheran Church Worship Team, Ryan and Nicole Huff, A Cross Generation Band, David and Chris Cawthon, Mount Olive Baptist Choir, the Villalobos Family and the Wild Ride Ministries Worship Team.

Inspirational speakers will be well known local Kerrville ministers including John Hiddema, pastor of First Baptist Church, Jimmy Sportsman, pastor of Kerrville Church Of Christ, Stockton Williams, pastor of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, James Wilson, pastor of Kerrville Christian Center, Noah Diggs, pastor of Mount Olive Baptist Church, Mike Weaver, pastor of Wild Ride Ministries Church, pastor Jack Rothenflue, Director of Commission To Every Nation, and TCKF founder and President, artist evangelist, Max Greiner, Jr.

On Sunday morning, April 5, 2015, TCKF will host a special 1 ½ hour “SON RISE EASTER SERVICE” starting at 7:00 AM.  TCKF Trustee, Louada Raschke and “A Cross Generation Band” will lead worship. TCKF President, Max Greiner, Jr. will share testimony and Pastor Mark Rylander of Friendship Bible Church will give the Easter message. Guests will receive a free package of TCKF materials when they enter the garden property, including the addresses of area Christian churches.  All visitors will be encouraged to attend Easter services at local churches later that morning.

Guests are asked to bring hats, cameras and travel together if possible, to reduce the need for onsite parking. Free shuttle vehicles will be provided by ServKerrville and National Car Rental. Sunday morning visitors should bring flashlights.

In addition to the special Easter events, there is much more to do at the outdoor Christian Tabernacle, located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. Guests can read 77 Scripture Tiles in English, Spanish and German that lead to the 77’7” Cor-tin steel sculpture, “The Empty Cross”.  This “Path To Heaven” ends at the foot of seven story open cross, where individuals can literally pray inside the cross.

Garden visitors can also view almost $3,000,000 worth of bronze and steel sculptures, donated by three Christian artist families: Monte and Beverly Paddleford of Lander, WY; David and Michelle Broussard of Dallas, TX and Max and Sherry Greiner, of Kerrville.  The work of these artists can be found in prestigious collections around the world, including the collections of Presidents, Governors and the stars of sports, TV, movie, music and business. Their art has been owned by many well known Christians such as Billy Graham, Franklin Graham, James Dobson, Pat Robertson, Mike Huckabee and Pope John Paul II.

Guests can stroll down a special “Prayer Path” that surrounds the 300’ cross-shaped garden. Thousands of people have already written their petitions and praises to God on small limestone rocks placed along the trail. Permanent writing markers are provided to visitors for this reason.

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