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Name of God Wall Announced

We are excited to announce the Names of God wall that is coming to the Garden!

The inspiration for this Names of God wall comes from scripture, when people encountered the Lord in a tangible and specific way.   When a person wanted to honor the Lord they would build an altar to Him and worship Him.

It began with Abram, then Isaac, and Moses. In Exodus 20:22- 25. “The Lord told Moses to build my altar wherever I cause My Name to be remembered, and I will come to you and bless you.” Joshua later renewed The Lord’s covenant by building an altar to the Lord, as did Gideon, Samuel, Saul, David and Solomon. And finally, in the midst of oppression and great darkness in the land, the prophet Elijah emerged in his day and took a stand and rebuilt the altar to the Lord that had been torn down.

In America, beginning in the 1960’s, a movement began to take God out of our schools, our government buildings, and public places that once honored God in our nation.   On January 12, 2023, TCKF voted unanimously to “build” an altar to the Lord and make this a monument that will forever honor and declare God’s Holy Names in our land!

On March 1, 2023, Max Greiner crafted a model replica to cast the vision of what the wall will one day look like, and on September 27, 2023, TCKF unanimously approved the name selection and design of this wall.   This wall is to honor the Lord and is to be our generation’s version of rebuilding an “altar to the Lord”.

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