The Coming King Foundation



Dear Jeanette and Mike,

I just saw the article on THE COMING KING SCULPTURE PRAYER GARDEN that came out in today’s newspaper.  Thank you!

The hundreds of volunteers, local donors, Tour Guide Chaplains and Trustees of THE COMING KING FOUNDATION sincerely thank you for helping us bless Kerrville residents, and thousands beyond!

I urge all of our local supporters to go buy a copy of this great article, which will only be on news stands today and tomorrow.  However, it will be available at the newspaper offices next week.

Also, please thank Mike Graxiola and Jeanette Nash, with the KERRVILLE DAILY TIMES, for doing this positive story on Kerrville’s Sculpture Prayer Garden.

Mike and Jeanette, with all the bad things going on in our world today, which you must report on, we thank you for letting people know that hope and help can be found at the foot of the cross!  Thank you!

We pray God’s richest blessings to be poured out on you and your families!

In the King’s service,
Max Greiner, Jr. President

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