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Dear Franklin and BGEA Team! Thank you for allowing me & THE LION OF JUDAH to join you in Waco!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Hi friends,

I wanted to send you a copy of my email to Franklin Graham and 14 people on his leadership team, for your information and prayer.  God is up to something!

As you know, I had hoped the Graham team would stop at the garden on 10/13/17, tour, and have lunch with us.  However, I realized when I saw their four buses and two 18 wheeler trucks in Waco that I had bitten off more than I could chew! The Holy Spirit knew it, so He took care of us! 

However, the BGEA and SAMARITAN’S PURSE now know all about us!

Below is my thank you letter to Franklin and his top leadership people.  God gave us great favor with this excellent ministry. I met and prayed with most of the top folks.

Pray that if it is God’s will, that they build TCKF Certified Gardens across the USA and world, and send out hundreds of “Lion Evangelists”!  It could happen… if we pray!

Thanks for your prayers and support!

In Jesus,


Dear Franklin and BGEA Team!


First, let me thank you for coming to TEXAS!  The spiritual impact of your efforts will last for eternity!

Thank you all for your kindness, help, and prayers this past month as you prayed and communicated with me. Franklin, it was great to meet you again, this time in Waco, just two days after my new “LION OF JUDAH” bronze and “Mobile Evangelistic Trailer” (“MET”) was finished!  I drove 20 hours from my Wyoming art foundry to get to Waco by 4:00 PM on Wednesday, 10/18/17.

God and His angels were with me!

Thank you for allowing me to present my newest Christ-honoring sculpture to the attendees at your Waco event. This was my first public presentation of the life-size (105%) “LION OF JUDAH” bronze sculpture.

Thousands of people were drawn to this lion sculpture at your event in Waco.

My evangelism trailer displayed eight (Salvation) Bible verses around the sides.  No matter where I go, the Holy Spirit draws thousands of people to my Christian art trailers.  By the grace of God, I am able to lead many of them to Jesus… on the spot. 

Thank you also for inviting me to your 5:30 PM Private Reception at the BAYLOR CLUB.  (Artists and evangelists always are looking for food! It was great!)


Finally, thank you for allowing me to be one of the 15 to 20 people invited to meet with you privately in Waco.  I hope the “SWORD OF THE SPIRIT” I gave you was a blessing.  Franklin, you are a Mighty Warrior for Christ, surrounded by Mighty Warriors! (Note: There is a strong magnet in the box, which allows you to mount the full-size broad sword to your door or wall.)

Your prayers with me last Wednesday, for God to multiply THE COMING KING SCULPTURE PRAYER GARDEN vision across the USA and world were sincerely appreciated. 


The prototype evangelistic garden and “THE EMPTY CROSS”, on IH-10 in Kerrville, TX, has drawn hundreds of thousands of people, 367 days a year since 2010!  All visitors are receiving the written Gospel, in three languages, using 77 Bible verses engraved into 16” Scripture Tiles.  We also provide our free evangelistic tracts to all guests. Volunteer Tour Guide Chaplains are standing by.

Franklin, you prayed with me and my wife, Sherry, on August 19, 2005, in Corpus Christi, for this vision to come into existence.  It has happened!

Thank you! 

Thousands of “un-churched” people, who would not go to a church, crusade, read a Christian book or a Bible, watch Christian TV or listen to Christian radio are being Saved using this “Strategic Eye-gate Evangelism” (“SEE”)method. (My “SEE” Proposal is attached above.) 

Sherry and I would love to partner with the BGEA to build these soul-winning gardens across the USA and world. We would also like to launch a fleet of “Mobile Evangelism Trailers”, with hundreds of volunteer “Lion Evangelists”, in every state and country!  It could happen if we pray!

“SEE” is a cost effective, “New Wine Skin” method of last days evangelism. 

We would love to work with the BGEA, if it is God’s will. God has already opened doors around the world for your ministry and my ministry. God may want to use your doors to release the “LION OF JUDAH”, and build His evangelistic gardens everywhere!

Therefore, please prayerfully consider testing one “Mobile Evangelistic Trailer” with your own evangelists. You will be amazed at the evangelistic results, at such a low cost per Salvation.

Then, pray about building one Sculpture Prayer Garden at a rural location, somewhere in North Carolina, on a highly traveled Interstate highway. This garden could be a lasting memorial to your Mom and Dad, which would continue to win souls to Jesus long after we are all in Heaven!

Decisions for Christ are happening every day at the Texas Garden… without evangelists, missionaries or pastors.  These ministers are optional with God’s “SEE” plan. 

And, the free gardens can be self-funded. Currently, TCKF has five metal Collection Boxes at the Texas garden for Prayer Requests. Without asking anyone for money, visitors donate between $10,000 and $15,000 per month, because they are so blessed during their visit! Click here to read some of their comments:

As your team knows, if we follow God’s plan, we will be amazed at the evangelistic results.

If MAX GREINER, JR. DESIGNS or THE COMING KING FOUNDATION can ever serve you, please let us know. 

And, my offer for a tour of the Kerrville garden and a free lunch is always open to any of your team!  Thank you again for lifting up Jesus in TEXAS!

Your friends In Christ,
Max & Sherry Greiner

Office: (830) 896-7919


(830) 928 7774


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