The Coming King Foundation

Dear TCKF Friends

The Kingdom of God continues to advance on His mountain in Kerrville!
Attached are some photos from today.

1.  PRAYER ROCK BINS – Today, JENSCHKE built the first of seven stone block bins to store Prayer Rocks for our guests.  The ground has been scraped and the bottom lined with mulch.  We all can start placing (blank) Prayer Rocks in the bins for our tourists once they are lined with mulch.  The need for the plastic wheel barrows will disappear soon!

2.  STAR OF DAVID WALL – The stone blocks have been set for the wall I designed that will hold David Broussard’s Cor-tin Steel sculpture, “It Is Finished”.  I will send my employee, Jose Mendoza, to concrete in rocks in the gaps between the blocks, once the stones settle. Jose did the other beautiful rock masonry around the garden.

3.  WILDLIFE VIEWING AREA – Terry and Linda Forse are also about finished with our newest tourist attraction feature to attractive native Texas wildlife.  All the local animals and birds now have an “All You Can Eat” 24/7 buffet!  This will be a wonderful feature for children who will love watching real wild animals.  The pipes and water hole contraption will be hidden with rocks, dirt and foliage.  Today, I had my employee, Jose, cut out the undergrowth next to the tree line edge. Guests will be able to see the deer bedded down while waiting for the feeder to go off. The feeder is set to throw feed three times each day.  Please thank the Forses for this wonderful donation, which will be better each year as the wildlife gets tame!

Pray for souls and thank God for all the progress at the garden.

In Jesus,


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