The Coming King Foundation

“Establishing free Sculpture Prayer Gardens across the world to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ.”


Fox 29 – Tour Texas Invitation

Tour Texas Invites you to Visit the Coming King Foundation Video Cover

“TOUR TEXAS” – Founder’s Invitation to visit Sculpture Prayer Garden. Broadcast on FOX 29 and NBC 4   (July 2018)

Rob Carpenter Aerial

Rob Carpenter Aerial Video Cover

“The driving force behind the cross, Max Greiner, is seen at the start of the video standing by his “Fishers Of Men”® Sculpture. Actually the driving force behind this Sculpture Garden is The Almighty God. I have been associated with the Garden since it was just a vision, and have seen many incontrovertible miracles associated with it. I hope you enjoy this look at it.” Rob Carpenter. (January 2016)

KENS5 Story

KENS 5 2020 Interview of The coming King Foundation Video Cover

CBS KENS5 news story on The Coming King Cross in Kerrville. (November 2018)

Presentation of the Announcement

Video cover for LOJ Gift

Presentation of the announcement of the Lion of Judah sculpture gift to Israel for their 70th Anniversary. (June 8, 2018)

High Tide Drone Footage

HIgh Tide Drone of The Cross at Kerrville

High Tide Imaging, LLC drone footage The Empty Cross and the garden. This was filmed and posted to Facebook on 05/22/18.

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