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Religious sculpture in Kerrville drawing faithful

“KERRVILLE — Local artist Max Greiner Jr. couldn’t be happier about the religious sculpture garden he’s building beside Interstate 10 — unless, of course, he already had the millions of dollars needed to finish it.” Read this great article at MySanAntonio

TBN broadcast of “Praise The Lord” 2012

praise the lord video

TBN broadcast of “Praise The Lord” in San Antonio, TX featuring TCKF President, Max Greiner, Jr. promoting The Coming King Sculpture Prayer Gardens, which aired on 12/07/12.

77-foot-7-inch cross inspired by Austin trip goes up in Kerrville

“Nine years after a pastor in Austin told Christian artist and Kerrville resident Max Greiner Jr. that he would be a part of building a sacred structure, Greiner has completed his vision: a 77-foot-7-inch cross perched atop a summit just beyond Interstate 10 at a 23-acre religious sculpture garden that Greiner designed.” Read this great article at The Austin American Statesman

CBN “The Good Life” 2012

The Good Life Interviews The Coming King Foundation

Christian Television Network Broadcast “The Good Life” featuring Max Greiner, Jr. at the NRB (National Religious Broadcasters) convention on 4/9/12.

YO Hotel Presentation

YO Hotel Video Cover

Presentation on The Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden Vision given at the YO Hotel  on 4/25/11.

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