Mary, Mother of Jesus

Sculptures In The Kerrville Garden

“Mary, Mother Of Jesus” TM

Bronze Sculpture Signed & Numbered Edition 3′ 10” x 4′ 8” x 4′ 7” (800 lbs.)

“Mary, Mother Of Jesus” TM

Mary clutching the crown of thorns John 19:25

By Beverly Paddleford ©

“Mary, Mother Of Jesus” ™ is a life-size bronze sculpture by Beverly Paddleford of Lander, WY. This beautiful sculpture was donated to THE COMING KING FOUNDATION by Beverly and her husband, Monte, for the glory of God on 11/9/12.

The monumental sculpture depicts Mary in her later years as she clutches the crown of thorns to her chest, reflecting on the crucifixion of Jesus. The sculpture is designed so that a person can sit next to Mary, if they wish, and become part of the sculpture.

Beverly and Monte Paddleford own EAGLE BRONZE in Lander, WY, which is one of the largest art foundries in the USA. It has cast hundreds of monumental sculptures which have been placed around the world.

Beverly’s subject matter includes Christian, figurative, and wildlife. Her most famous sculpture is called “Hope”. It depicts Jesus Christ holding an infant in His arms as He sits next to a young mother. This composition speaks poignantly to parents who have lost children in death or abortion. Beverly’s sculptures are available in a variety of sizes.

For more information on Beverly’s art visit her website: