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Help Us Build a Garden

At the present time we are raising money to complete the first Sculpture Prayer Garden in Kerrville, Texas. This Garden will be the model for all future Gardens. We prayerfully request your help in building this first Garden, which will prove that this evangelistic concept will work, and can be repeated successfully around the world. If you would like to volunteer to help click here for an application.

Once this first Sculpture Prayer Garden is built and functioning, we will be able to gather meaningful data and statistics that will be used to design all future Gardens.

For example, we will be able to determine how many people will actually stop at a Garden, and the number of salvations that are likely to occur, at any given location, based on the official highway traffic count. Our research at this time indicates that we can expect that around 1,000 people per day will visit a properly designed, “free” Sculpture Prayer Garden, located along a major highway.

The Kerrville Garden will allow us to demonstrate that the Gardens can also be self-funding, once initiated. This will be accomplished by providing a Gallery Gift Shop in the Visitors Center, and by leasing or selling nearby “pad sites” to restaurants, shops and motels. The large “chain” restaurants typically pay up to a million dollars for a one-acre “pad site” at high traffic locations! This will pay for the Garden’s construction.

Thank you for helping The Coming King Foundation build the first Garden in Kerrville, Texas. For more information, click here to see the progress on the Garden, and click here to read a detailed Project Proposal.

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