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“The Empty Cross”

Click here to watch the video of the giant cross being moved to the Garden on 10/30/09.

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By Max Greiner, Jr. ©

“The Empty Cross”™ is a seven story Cor-ten steel sculpture by artist/evangelist, Max Greiner, Jr. This stunning sculpture was donated to THE COMING KING FOUNDATION by Max and Sherry Greiner, and Monte and Beverly Paddleford, owners of Eagle Bronze Foundry in Lander, WY.  This unique contemporary sculpture was installed on top of a 1930’ hill top above IH-10 on July 27, 2010.

“The Empty Cross”™ is believed to be the most symbolic cross sculpture in the world because of its Biblical symbolism.  The massive open hollow cross symbolizes the Resurrection, the Door, the Narrow Gate, the Strong Tower, the Mighty Fortress and the Light of the World, who is Jesus Christ.  God sees mankind through the cross while mankind can only see the true God by looking at the cross.

The Carbon Steel skelton of the cross was covered with a Cor-ten steel skin. After scouring by sandblasting, a reddish brown patina was released, symbolizing the shed blood of Jesus Christ.

Biblical numbers are used in the design of “The Empty Cross”™ sculpture.  The $2,000,000 cross measures 77’7 inches tall with a 40’ cross arm. It weighs approximately 70 tons, including the steel in the foundation. The foot print of the cross sculpture is approximately 10’ x 10’ square, like the Holy of Holies.  The interior space is 7’ wide.  Four plaques inside this sacred space explain the scriptural path to salvation, filling of the Holy Spirit, healing and miracles. Thousands of visitors to the cross have been supernaturally touched by God, many claiming life transformation, miracles and divine healing.



For more information on Max’s art, please visit his website:


Monte Paddleford & Max Greiner, Jr.

Cross Plaques

“The Empty Cross”
Cor-ten Steel Sculpture
Signed & Numbered Edition
40’ x 10’ x 77’7” (70 tons)


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