Kerrville Garden

Construction of the first Sculpture Prayer Garden began in November of 2005, near the Texas Hill Country town of Kerrville, in the southern central part of the USA.  This 23 acre Garden will be named The Coming King Sculpture Garden and will be located on Interstate 10, about 60 miles northwest of San Antonio.  Viewed by millions, it will situated on a hill above the highway, and will serve as the model for all other subsequent evangelical Gardens around the world. 

This prototype Garden will be built during 2006, with completion expected in 2007.  The main, evangelical cross-shaped Garden will be constructed first, along with the necessary entrance, roads and parking.  The remainder of the Garden Site Plan will be completed, as funds are raised.  This includes a giant 77’ 7” cor-tin steel cross, called the “Empty Cross” TM, and a beautiful Visitors Center, with three museums.

God graciously provided $500,000.00, through one donor, to purchase the land for the Kerrville Garden. Sufficient funds have already been raised to complete the initial construction.  However, more funds are needed to complete the entire Garden.  It is the desire and prayer of the Board of Trustees of The Coming King Foundation that the entire project is built debt free.

Currently, the foundation is seeking Sponsor Donors who want to underwrite the cost of the four monumental bronze sculptures, which are being donated to the Garden at cost, by the foundry, Eagle Bronze, and the artist, Max Greiner, Jr.  Sponsors are also needed for the large cor-tin steel cross sculpture and the Visitors Center.  About three million dollars is needed to complete the entire project, as designed.  However, this free Garden will begin functioning and open to the public, as soon as the main Garden itself is completed in 2007.

To learn more about this first Garden, and the genuine miracles God has worked to make it possible, please click here to read the detailed Project Proposal.  This Proposal includes the history of the project, which describes the many visions, prophecies, signs and wonders, which have taken place.  It is believed these Gardens, as they spread around the world, may be fulfilling the Bible prophecies stated in AMOS 9: 11 – 12, and ISAIAH 2: 2 – 3.  These ancient scriptures relate to the rebuilding of the “last days” Tabernacle.

Thank you for prayerfully considering joining us in the building of this first Garden, which is being created to bring people and glory to Jesus Christ.


Map of Kerr County

Map of Kerrville

Kerrville Garden Site Map



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